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Current Open Source Toolchain for 1043A

Question asked by Don Berkowitz on Jan 19, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2016 by michellefleischer

I just reviewed the release notes for the 1043A SDK which is at version 0.5.  It appears that all or most of the components are very out of date.  For example, Yocto itself is beyond 2.0 and you are including 1.6.  GCC is beyond 5.2 and you are distributing 4.8.  There are many similar examples.  Are people really using these very old versions or is everyone extracting just BSP source code and rebuilding against the current or stable releases of Open Source Linux?


I realize that you need to build against stable releases but this is a brand new product and its never going to be easier to get the open source components aligned around the most-recent long term stable open source projects.   I would have expected you to go to production with something as close to the current release as possible but then move forward very carefully from there... Please explain.