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Processor Expert + IAR plugin in Eclipse

Question asked by robert-lightwaverf on Jan 19, 2016
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I'm trying to set up my env in eclipse for work with NXP MCUs. Problem is with "cooperation" between IAR plugin (official eclipse IAR integration for ARM processors newest version) and PEx in Eclipse Mars (I also tried Juno and it seems on both of them this issue occurs). I tried to find help on IAR support but I'm not sure if it'll be solved. About issue:

After setting env I got JavaNullException error when I try to create new project from PEx (any MCU select and doesn't matter what compiler I choose every time I got JavaNull). After uninstall of IAR plugins (all of components beside IAR plugin manager) PEx comes back to work, it just seems like something with IAR plugin for ARM is making this issue. Is it any possibility to find workaround for this?


P.S. It also seems like Processor Expert cannot work with IAR working in Eclipse (via plugin) it does not choose correct tool chain. It would be nice to have fully working env. in Eclipse using IAR compiler.