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MK22FN128VLL10 to MK22FN512VLL12/MK22FX512AVLL12/MK22FN1M0AVLL12

Question asked by dougplymale on Jan 19, 2016
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We are planning to use a MK22FN128VLL10 (K22_100) in our control board application. 

We would like to make this design compatible with some micros that provide larger memory options.  We are planning to use the K22_120 series in the same footprint (LFQP100).

We have noticed that Pins 12 and 13 provide different power functions between the two families (K22_100 and K22_120).


Pin     K22_100     K22_120

12     USBVDD     VOUT33

13     NC               VREGIN


Pin 12:

For the K22_100 the pin is a power input.  For the K22_120 the pin is a power output.  What is the proper way of dealing with this difference between the processor families?  Should this pin be left unconnected if I am using a 3.3V bus already?  Do I still need to connect COUT if not using this output?


Pin 13:

For the K22_100 the pin is a no connect with no bonding wire to the die (from what I was told).  For the K22_120 it is a LDO regulator input.  I am going to place a zero ohm resistor to this pin from my 3.3V bus.  Do I need to power the LDO if I am not planning on using the output?


<extra info> For our application we are using 4 differential inputs and we found that we needed to move one differential pair (ADC0_Dx2) from 16& 17 to 3&4. </extra info>


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