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I meet an issue on writing Flex RAM on MK10DX256VLL7.

Question asked by wen tong on Jan 18, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2016 by wen tong

I was using CodeWarrior10.6 to debug, the program is stuck at:

00006682:   add r1,r6,#0x14000000

130               *(U8*)(FLEX_EE_BASE_ADDRESS + address + i) = buf[i];

00006686:   strb r2,[r1,r5]   <--Stuck here, can't move forward, even in instruction step mode.

131               HAL_FlexEE_wait();

00006688:   bl HAL_FlexEE_wait (0x69a4); 0x000069a4

Register values:

R0    0x00000001    $R0   

R1    0x1400000d    $R1   

R2    0x000000fe    $R2   

R3    0x0000000f    $R3   

R4    0x00000002    $R4   

R5    0x00000001    $R5   


This thread returns error:

pthread: 0x00010007     0x10007           0x1ffff06c         89         0x0000042b        Unknown error (0x0000)       
pthread: 0x00010008     0x10008           0x1ffffdac         87         Active            Unknown error (0xffffffff)   (this thread) 
pthread: 0x00010009     0x10009           0x1ffffebc         72         Time delay blockedUnknown error (0x0000)       
pthread: 0x0001000A     0x1000a           0x200026f0         84         0x0000042b        Unknown error (0x0000)       
pthread: 0x0001000B     0x1000b           0x20003740         83         0x0000042b        Unknown error (0x0000)       
pthread: 0x0001000C     0x1000c           0x20004a20         81         0x0000042b        Unknown error (0x0000)       
pthread: 0x0001000D     0x1000d           0x200059a0         79         0x0000052b, timeout   Unknown error (0x042a)       
pthread: 0x0001000E     0x1000e           0x20006920         80         0x0000042b        Unknown error (0x0000)       


The tricky part is the previous versions of my code can work correctly, but the new version run into this issue. I don't see any changes related with flex ram.

Can anyone help me on this? thanks.