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MPC5604P BAM UART Mode (strange behavior)

Question asked by simbasoft on Jan 17, 2016
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We made a custom boot loader software to load it via the BAM in UART Mode. We are testing it on the TRK-MPC650P Development Kit. Generally it works, but not always.


We are experiencing a strange issue with the BAM of the MPC560P MCU:

  1. If we load the boot loader software through the Code Warrior IDE, into the RAM of the MCU, then it allays works. We are able to communicate with it via LIN_0 Module and execute the commands. No issues, all the commands execute 100% as expected.
  2. it does work - but not always, if we load the boot loader software through the BAM, using a custom Windows application:
    • the BAM always loads the boot loader software into the RAM of the MCU,
    • after the BAM loads the boot loader into the RAM, sometimes but not always, executes it. When the BAM executes the boot loader it works 100% as expected
  3. most of the time, we could not explain why, after BAM loads the boot loader into the RAM, instead of executing it, it re-executes itself again from the beginning - as if there was a power power-cycle reset. It will reconnect to the PC application and reload the boot loader, then back to executing itself again.
  4. it always works, if before communicating with the BAM we use the Code Warrior IDE and connect to the MCU at least once (just connect to the MCU and disconnect doing absolutely nothing), then do a short power-cycle (turn off for a couple of seconds - but not for too long), then load the boot loader software via the BAM. It executes 100% as expected.
  5. same as #4, but after connecting the debugger we keep the power turned off for too long, then it will not work. This can only happen, if we think that some capacitor(s) is getting discharged when we keep the power off for a longer period of time. But I don't get the relationship with the debugger and BAM!!


Anybody can help?


Thank you in advance