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Problems getting SCI Module on a S08PT60 to work ASM

Question asked by Ingo_Michael on Jan 17, 2016
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I have Problems with the following code:


I always get warnings like


"A13003 Value is truncated to one byte main.asm /TWR-S08PT60/Sources line 119 C/C++ Problem" and

"A1415 Cutting constant: Value 12428 ($308C) is not in range [0..255] main.asm /TWR-S08PT60/Sources line 119 C/C++ Problem

in my code. I can not understand why. I think that´s also the reason why I am not able to reset the "TDRE" Flag in the SCI1_S1 Register.

So my complete code is not working and I am not able to send some chars out to my terminal program on my PC.


Can anyone help?