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Vybrid Internal ADC Readout

Question asked by Andreas Lie on Jan 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2016 by Timesys Support



We are trying to read out the internal ADCs of the vybrid using linux.

We are using Yocto and Timesys BSP to build our custom Linux BSP. (Kernel 3.0.15)

Our board is based on the Vybrid VF65GS10.


Spesifically these: (from Vybrid ref. manual)

Dedicated PAD - ADC0SE8 External

Dedicated PAD - ADC1SE8 External

Dedicated PAD - ADC0SE9 External

Dedicated PAD - ADC1SE9 External


We have managed to read out the ADC0SE8, ADC0SE9 channels using the mvf-adc.0 device.


We have tried altering the BSP by adding mvd-adc.1, but this fails with the following code


mvf-adc mvf-adc.1074102272: failed to get adc irq
mvf-adc: probe of mvf-adc.1074102272 failed with error -22


Any tips on how to read the latter two?


Thanks for your time.


Reference to others who have accessed the ADC's


Userspace code snippet for accessing and reading from the mvf-adc.n