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Hi,Yiping:About 3 hours after running the lpm-ipfwd demo,the ethernet port which is of share-mac cannot work

Question asked by shan feifei on Jan 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2016 by shan feifei

Hi,Yiping.recently I met a problem.

My board is P4080ds,I want to test the lpm-ipfwd demo.I configured the fm1-gb2 and fm2-gb3 as share-mac, and when I ran the  lpm-ipfwd demo,at the beginning of about 3 hours,it worked well.But after 3 hours,promblem happened.The fm2-gb3 ping time out,but the fm1-gb2 ping well.I typed "ps -A | grep  lpm_ipfwd_app",it still there:" 1655 ttyS0   lpm_ipfwd_app". It looks like that lpm_ipfwd_app was still working,but  fm2-gb3 cannot work,so how could I solve the problem?


the command is :lpm_ipfwd_app 1..7 -c usdpaa_config_p4_serdes_0xe.xml -p usdpaa_policy_hash_ipv4_arp_coarse_classify.xml -d 0x10000000 -b 1600:1600:1600 -n.