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56F84763: How to activate NVM special mode. Or how else can I change flash protection during runtime

Question asked by Sebastian Fett on Jan 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2019 by Albert Zhou

Hello again,


currently I'm working on writing user data to flash, erasing it, reading it. All of that works fine.


The next step ist to protect the flash pages I use. This might not seem neccessary. But when using a 56F82xxx uC (without FlexNVM) the user data will lie behind the user applikation. And my bootloader is not supposed to erase the user data when he updates the firmware. And to avoid that in any case I want to protect the user data. Setting the protection in the FCF area works fine.


So, my actual question is: how can I change protection settings for program and/or data flash during runtime? The ref manual says it is only possible in NVM special mode. But it nowhere tells me  how to activate that mode. So how can I activate it? And is changing protection settings possible without the "special mode"?


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