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9S12XET J2 J1 firmware

Question asked by Lionel Deflandre on Jan 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2016 by Radek Sestak



regarding the datasheet of the 9S12ET familly we have acces to on 9S12J2XET256J2MAL.

on the ordering information we can read:


Second digit refers to mask or firmware revision

Numeric second digit = mask rev. (e.g.1=1M48H) A=firmware revA, version ID=0xFFFF B=firmware revB, version ID=0x0004,  W=TSMC11, Blank= flexible fab

J=TSMC3, F=ATMC, Numeric second digit = mask rev. (e.g.1=1M48H)


I understand the J, but what is the firmware revision :  is it related to a bootloader, to a can controler version or other peripheral associated to a firmware ?

if not why there are numerous version: 



eg:   9S12XET256BVAL,  9S12XET256J1VAL as an example ? could we use anyone of these 2 version (are they 100 % firmware compatible) ?



bests regards