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?which MCU and driver board to choose

Question asked by Shai Tzr on Jan 14, 2016
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I’m looking for some help on which MCU and driver board to choose.


Basically I need to control a servo motor and 2 DC motors, as well as “read” a few sensors like Hall Effect sensor (for speed sensing) and a simple CCD/CMOS sensor (for computer vision based navigation).


From my research I thought I’d use a TWR-K65F180M + TWR-ELEV + TWR-SMPS-LVFB but it seems that the TWR-SMPS-LVFB won’t be compatible with the K series MCU, is that right? The reason I want the TWR-K65F180M and not the TWR-KV31F120M (or some other TWR based on the V series) is mainly because of the extra SRAM it offers that would be important for the image storing.


Any guidance with that?