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DATA_SEG with Kinetis development

Question asked by IAN CULL on Jan 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2016 by STEVE LEWIS

My company has been using Freescale (HCS12X) parts for more than 10 years with CodeWarrior development.


We now want to use the Kinetis KE06Z part for a new lower code development. I have the FRDM-KE06Z board and have code running on it, using the CodeWarrior Development Studio V1.06. But as I progress I'm running into troubles.


My problem today started with the support or lack of support for #pragma. My research so far suggests there is NO SUPPORT for "#pragma DATA_SEG", for example. Is this true?

I want to place variables into specific memory locations so that both the normal project software, and the bootloader, can access the same data. How do I do this - in the past I used the DATA_SEG and then set up the linker to place that segment somewhere specific.

If no support for DATA_SEG, what is the alternative?



Documentation online is very confusing perhaps due to the Freescale / NXP business but also because there seems to be two separate development systems (the other is Kinetis Design Studio I think).

I wonder if I have chosen the wrong dev suite - where is any helpful information on which is the better choice, what the differences are, etc?

In any case does Kinetis Design Studio support "#pragma DATA_SEG"?



Thank you.

Ian Cull. PG Trionic Inc

Essex, MA, USA