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FXLS8471Q spi auto detect

Question asked by David Sherman on Jan 13, 2016
Latest reply on May 6, 2016 by Carlos Canal

Hello, I'm running into some problems getting the fxls8471q to wake up in spi mode.  I have RST tied to vss.  The SA0 line is going to a pin on the MK10DN512VLL10 which happens to power up as an analog input.  Although it is somewhat floating, there is a weak pull up.  How exactly does the FXLS8471Q determine that pin is floating?  Is it trying to pull up/pull down weakly?  I see INT1 going low for 500nS, but I only see SA0 rising to VDD over a period of 2mS.  Apparently it is waking up up in I2C mode, because I can't read anything from the WHO_AM_I register.