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Question asked by Mirko Ardinghi on Jan 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2016 by Artur Petukhov



I would like to debug the M4 core with IAR while yocto, fido release, is running in the A9 core.


Unfortunately if I stop the M4 core with IAR the A9 core stops too.


I'm using a sabre board + IAR + I-jet


What I did:


1) I created a simple application with IAR for M4


int main()


     while (1);



and I generated the binary (called M4.bin) .


2) for the A9 I built the yocto sd card  and as device-tree I used the imx6sx-sabreauto-m4.dts

I loaded the M4.bin in the sd card together the uImage file.


3) I booted the sabre with the sd card

4) In the u-boot console, I loaded the M4.bin file and I started the M4 core

    a) fatload mmc 0:1 0x78000000 M4.bin;

    b) bootaux 0x78000000

5) I loaded linux

6) Finally I attached IAR to the M4 core and it works, now I can debug the M4 software.


There is only one big problem: When I stop the M4 core the A9 core stops too, when I resume the M4 core the A9 core resume too.


If I used IAR to debug both cores (without linux on A9 but with a program made by IAR) I can stop/resume the cores independently.


Anyone can help me?