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Switching from MC9S12XET256MAA to MC9S12XEQ512MAA

Question asked by Arkadiusz Jankowski on Jan 13, 2016

Hi Guys,

we're using MC9S12XET256MAA mcu for an automotive project and we would like to switch current platform to MC9S12XEQ512MAA.

On the 256 mcu version the application runs smoothly without any problems (we use FreeRTOS). However after switching the hardware to the 512 mcu version and changing the project configuration in CodeWarrior the application doesn't work anymore. I'm getting Ilegal BPs after each run with the debugger. When I use a breakpoint in the main funcion and do some manual stepping the application starts to run, however it's behavior is not correct, it seems that the CPU is overloaded - the can messages are send with delays and there are overruns. We use large memory model. I'm attaching my PRM file (we use it similarly in the 256 mcu version). We would appreciate any tips on how to move projects to the bigger mcu.



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