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Power off Panel Power while deep Sleep mode - iMX6.Q7A-551Board

Question asked by Mauricio Rodrigues on Jan 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2016 by Mauricio Rodrigues

Our vending machine is on it's way to have a full working prototype. After some work on deep sleep we were able to put it down to 150mA consumption in deep sleep mode. Wich is quit good, but we discover that If we turn of the power from lcd panel and from touch screen we could even reduce more 40% of the total power in deep sleep mode.


As you can see in the image attached if we remove jumper from JP5 and JP3 we can reduce consumption while in deep sleep in 60 mA. 40% reduction.

While in deep sleep mode shouldn't the panel and touchscreen be completely turned off?

We thought about adding a "intelligent" jumper like switch, to turn it off while in sleep and turn it on when in normal usage. What do you think about this approach to reduce power consumption in deep sleep?


Thanks ind advance for any help or hint.