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Regarding openSDA of TRK KEA 128 development board

Question asked by Jashan Mahadevu on Jan 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2016 by jeremyzhou

Hi all,
                  am working on openSDA of  TRK KEA128 development board. I wanted to make my own openSDA  board  so  that I  could  flash  my  MCU  which  is used  in  my  project, I  referred  the schematics  of TRK KEA 128  and  designed a board with same  components being used as of TRK KEA 128. I am finding few difficulties while  flashing.

1.         First of  all  when I  connect  it  via USB  to my  computer  it  doesn’t detect  ( using Code warrior to flash and debug).

2.         Flashing happens once I do with development board (by connecting UART_TX, UART_RX, SWD_DIO,  SWD_CLK   and  RESET )  but  not from  my  board (                           by connecting  UART_TX, UART_RX , SWD_DIO, SWD_CLK and RESET).
3.         Observation done from my board is that LED doesn't glowing once I connect USB.

Does openSDA controller IC needs to be flashed ??