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Netcomm4.7 Rman empty SGT entries

Question asked by Mihai Ciric on Jan 13, 2016
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I'm trying to send srio packets on a b4860qds together with netcomm4.7, however am failing in doing so. A couple of problems here:

1. (more of a question) I always end up in HandleRmanRxSGT, even when sending single buffer simple frames, this happens also on Netcomm4.6. Then the data is read from the SG table (which only has 1 entry). Is this normal?

2. Around half my Rx SG entries come empty with netcomm4.7, DPAA_SGTE_GET_* returning empty data - again, half the frames come in correctly, I can see this by returning the moment I start seeing empty data and checking results at the end, otherwise I crash right there in the Rx call. The same test works with no issues on Netcomm4.6


Anyone run into a similar problem?


EDIT: My data is not empty. It looks like instead of my S/G Table, I get my sent data right there.