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i.MX product that can accept HDMI input and ouput to eink EPD display(Carta, Mobius, Fina)

Question asked by Nikita Tsarov on Jan 12, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2016 by Nikita Tsarov

I found an i.MX based board with HDMI input
Is the i.MX6 series or i.MX7 series capable of accepting HDMI input and converting to a grayscale eink Carta 6", Mobius 13.3", Fina EPD output?
What sort of latency would need to be anticipated doing the conversion(never mind power consumption)?



The application I am seeking of I.MX6 is to build an hdmi Monitor to scale down colour and image size with optimised eink partial refresh etc.


Resolution would be eink 1600x1200( or lower) HDMI 1.4a QHD input

Is this even possible on Freescale i.MX(latency, ghosting etc.)?


I am aware of a product with 13.3" display demonstrating eink montor usage DaSung Second Screen 13.3" E-ink Monitor - YouTube
The question is is i.MX capable of such EPD performance scenario?