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Error in the BSDL file for the micro MK64FN1M0VMD12

Question asked by jav mol on Jan 12, 2016

The BSDL file for the micro MK64FN1M0VMD12 I have downloaded from your web believe is inaccurate.


I'm doing a JTAG test and conflicts have certain signs, reviewing datasheet and

comparing the signal assignment with the pins see some errors. Also the ID is incorrect.

I reassigned the following signs and gotten my tests work properly.


Can you tell me if this file (K64_144bga.bsdl) there is a mistake or I need a different BSDL file?:


A greeting.


Changes PINOUT:

-H10: PTB0

-G10: PTB4

-E10: PTB16

-B10: N.C.

-A10: N.C.

-D10: PTB20

-J10: PTA27

-F10: PTB8

-M10: VSS

-L10: PTA14

-K10: PTA16


Changes ID:

attribute IDCODE_REGISTER of k60_1m: entity is

   "0001"  & -- Version


   "1011001101001010"  & -- Part Number


   "00000001110"  & -- Manufacturer Identity


   "1";  -- IEEE 1149.1 Requirement

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