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HAB - fast authentication or not?

Question asked by AlexeyT on Jan 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2016 by igorpadykov

Hello dear all.


I am trying to bring up HAB authentication for Windows Embedded Compact bootloader (eboot).

Just soved the issue with call HAB ROM to check for its status and events so now I am ready to proceed for the next stage.

So I installed CST, read the docs and started generating keys but I am not sure whether I need/can use fast authentication or not.

My goal is to make iMX chip only load signed EBOOT, remaining security checks are done (implemented) by using Microsoft authentication security libraries.

So I am not going to authenticate anythyng else with iMX6, just EBOOT and I really want it to be done in the simplest possible way.


Can I use fast authentication for such a case or not?


I read that it is supported not in all iMX6 chips so assuming I need to use various iMX6 chips in various products but want keep the same

executable running on all platforms I can't use fast path, right?


Alternatively, if I use normal authentication and get all those keys generated (IMG and CSF etc.) can it prevent me from just checking my EBOOT with iMX6

and leaving any other authentication done by using MS libraries?


Any other suggestions would be nice as well.



Thanks and sorry for (possibly) bad english.