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Android MX6 Kitkat (4.4) Icon Size / Update Launcher

Question asked by Bill Butler on Jan 13, 2016
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Mx6 - Kontron Board

Boundary Devices based on  boundary-kk4.4.2_1.0.0-ga / kk-nitrogen6x-20141007.img.gz

Screen Size 1280x800



I wanted to get some pointers the easiest way to increase the icon size on the home screens/Launcher -- my icons are very small and hard to touch.  I take it I need to change out or modify the launcher.  Kitkat is reported to have a "home" tab under settings, but this build DOES not have enabled..


I believe my choices are:

1) Create a new launcher and figure out how to install it

2) Modify default launcher (preferred)

3) ?


I have one group of developers that believes there is a "Tablet" vs "Phone" mode that can be "switched " in compile.. Does anyone know of said switch?




I discovered today Screen type is set to XLARGE and screen size is 12.09412...


It appears the "hardware " believes the screen size is MUCH larger than my 4.66 inch screen..I am not looking into where Xlarge and screen size is calculated.



Thanks for the help


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