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SDK for LS1043A V0.5 environment reset

Question asked by Rommel Custodio on Jan 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2017 by Raghavendra Surpur

I have downloaded the latest QorIQ SDK for LS1043ARDB. I am changing the FW loaded on bank 0 of the NOR flash to SDK v0.5.

Bank 1 is already programmed with a local test FW based on SDK v0.4. Currently, I do not want to change that since it will be my fallback.



It seems there are discrepancy in the documentation and the actual u-boot code.

Freescale Linux LS1043A SDK, Rev. A, Dec 2015

0x61100000 0x638FFFFF bank0 FIT Image 40M



I have performed environment reset "env default -f -a"

Which cause the LS1043ARDB to cease booting.


These environment variables seem to be causing the problem after the environment reset.






These were reset to SDK v0.4 values and the LS1043ARDB boots now.

=> setenv kernel_load 0xa0000000

=> setenv kernel_size 0x2800000

=> setenv kernel_start 0x61100000

=> save



Can someone at FSL verify that these are OK?