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[MPC5748G]: Wakep up mode STOP0 and STANDBY0 how to wake up ?

Question asked by Nilesh Pardesi on Jan 11, 2016
Latest reply on May 6, 2018 by tom yqg

Hello team,

I have implemented a code to change the user operation modes for MPC5748G chipset.

I wanted to change operation mode from Runx/DRUN to STOP0 OR STANDBY0 mode,(Implemented as per the examples given in "MPV5748G Reference Manual Rev3, 04/2014 Section-

My queries are,
1. How I can wake up the controller from these modes.
  - its written that by peripheral Interrupts or wakeup events.
  - In Table 24-2 I am trying to wake up the system from STANDBY0 mode using STM_0 and its not happening.
  - While wakeing up will system wake up in default mode or user has to change it manually?
  - Observation is for RUNx mode while it is waking up, the mode is not changing by itself, we need to change the mode manually as a part of Code, is it the same case in STOP0 and STANDBY0 mode?
2. Waking up using STM_0 is not hapenning
- Please suggest if we can have different approach for wake up
- "Table 7-4 User Operating mode settings and options" suggests All peripheral interrupts.
- Kidnly clear my observation on Wakeup sources.

Do you have any sample applictions which can guide me on the scenario ?

Note: for STANDBY0 the configuration (MC_ME_STANDBY_MC) is not modified.