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Possible KBI problems with GPIO changing between input and output?

Question asked by Jure Stojs on Jan 11, 2016
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I am using MKE04Z8VTG4 for capacitive sensing application using RC acquisition principle.

Sensing electrodes are connected on PTA2 and 3 and I am using KBI interrupt to measure the time.

I do not know how the KBI settings will be effected if I change the sensing pins to output (no changes to the KBI registers will be made)?

For example first I initialize KBI module and sensing pins as output. Then I start the sequence described in the pictures.

Basically I have no idea how the KBI works as this is the first time I am using it. And I do not know if there will be any problems with the KBI module (for example false interrupt execution) if I change the sensing pins to input/output or if I will have to reconfigure it when I change the sensing pins from input to output.