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IMX6 high assure boot problem

Question asked by jie jia on Jan 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2016 by Yuri Muhin

According to "How-to enable HAB in i.MX6.pdf", I generate the u-boot-signed-pad.bin


Now, I need to burn the chip e-fuse to enable HAB boot.

  cd /sys/fsl_otp

  echo 0xxxxxxxxx > HW_OCOTP_SRK0

  echo 0xxxxxxxxx > HW_OCOTP_SRK1

  echo 0xxxxxxxxx > HW_OCOTP_SRK2

  echo 0xxxxxxxxx > HW_OCOTP_SRK3

  echo 0xxxxxxxxx > HW_OCOTP_SRK4

  echo 0xxxxxxxxx > HW_OCOTP_SRK5

  echo 0xxxxxxxxx > HW_OCOTP_SRK6

  echo 0xxxxxxxxx > HW_OCOTP_SRK7


  echo 0x00040000 > HW_OCOTP_MEM0

  echo 0x02 > HW_OCOTP_CFG5


However, when I exe the command:

cat /sys/fsl_otp/HW_OCOTP_MEM0



What should I do about the HW_OCOTP_MEM0? 

I try to burn 0x00040000 to HW_OCOTP_MEM0, and I can't see anything in the console after reboot.