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Problem to use CAN_LDD component in KDS 3.0

Question asked by Zhong Shen on Jan 11, 2016



I try to use CAN_LDD in KDS 3.0 for CAN bus communication on MK20DX256VLL7, which is based on web sample : CAN_LDD usage


I have the problem to transmit message in program(see project in attached). In fact after to call the SendFrame(), I found that trig the PE_ISR(CAN_InterruptError). I have no idea to fix this problem. I think that should be the problem on setting, could you give me advise on it?


Another question is the CAN register: I found that the MCR is 0 before initial it, and change into 0xA30001 after initial, but I found it should be 0xD890000F after reset on reference manual as following picture, is it CAN component faille on the chip?


Here is the debug windows:

and terminal windows:



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