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LS2085ARDB and OpenDataPlane

Question asked by nicolaskury on Jan 11, 2016
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I have received a LS2085ARDB board and I would like to try OpenDataPlane. I start with the default (pre-installed) image and it seems that OpenDataPlane is already installed. In usr/nadk/nadk-static/bin there are some applications such odp_pktio and odp_l2fwd.


But I have some errors

root@ls2085ardb:/usr/nadk/nadk-static/bin# ./odp_generator

odp_init.c:211:odp_nadk_init_global():Enviroment varialble DPRC_NAME is not setodp_init.c:271:odp_init_global():ODP nadk init failed.

odp_generator.c:573:main():Error: ODP global init failed.



Should I also run the  script ./usr/nadk/nadk-static/bin/ ?


I didn't find the documentation. My ethernet interface in front the board are also not available in Linux, is it normal ?


Thank you!