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frequency settings influence the ADC result

Question asked by Andreas Vogt on Jan 11, 2016
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i have a MC56F84769 controller. My bus clock is 50Mhz.

In the register ADC16_CFG1 I can select the clock divide settings (see below). The data sheet specifies that I need for 12Bit mode to keep inside 1.0 — 18.0Mhz.

If I change the divider settings between 4 and 8 during conversion my result changes although I am within the specified frequency.

Any ideas?





(00 The divide ratio is 1 and the clock rate is input clock.

01 The divide ratio is 2 and the clock rate is (input clock)/2.

10 The divide ratio is 4 and the clock rate is (input clock)/4.

11 The divide ratio is 8 and the clock rate is (input clock)/8.)