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how to debug WCT 5WTXAUTO with CodWarrior TAP Probe(CWH-CTP-STC-YE-SCH)

Question asked by santosh Pulasani on Jan 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2016 by santosh Pulasani

Hi Team NXP,


Working with WCT 5WTXAUTO board for wireless charging. Can you please sujjest which connecting probe to use i have already ordered CWH-CTP-STC-YE-SCH and CWH-CTP-COP-YE-SCH.


For debugging I am using Codewarrior TAP.



Since I habe J4 (14 pin) JTAG on my WCT 5WTXAUTO board i have ordered 14 pin CWH-CTP-STC-YE-SCH but  the 8th pin is completely covered .i.e unable to plug into the J4 cpnnector of WCT 5WTXAUTO board.



Best Regards,

Santosh Reddy Pulasani