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Linux 2.6.10 on MCF54785EVB. SPI usage...

Discussion created by James Kimble on Feb 11, 2008
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The hardware I'm working on is a custom board based on the MCF5485 and most things are the same. One of the things that differs is the video chip and the touchscreen. I've got the video going via frame buffer. We have a touch screen LCD with a resistive mask that's driving an AtoD that's attached to the SPI device. I'm looking at the SPI drivers and Linux indicates that  the SPI device driver is loaded in the system log:
MCF547x/8x DSPI device driver installed
Coldfire DSPI driver is loaded
ColdFire internal UART serial driver version 1.00
ttyS0 at 0xe0008600 (irq = 99) is a builtin ColdFire UART
ttyS1 at 0xe0008700 (irq = 98) is a builtin ColdFire UART

However I don't know how to work with it and I have no examples of where to start. I see the driver and the code shows the valid  commands for the device but when I go to open /dev/qspi the command fails. If the driver is loading I'm not sure why qspi isn't available (unless that's the wrong device). I'm, sort of, starting at ground 0 here (again).

Any help/docs/examples would be much appreciated.