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how to change csi_id to 1 from 0

Question asked by srinivasaporam on Jan 10, 2016
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I have got a Wandboard dual/Quad. I have downloaded 3.10.53 from the git hub and made the the board to ow we are connecting the Raspi camera (ov5647) to this board. Raspi camera is using IPU-1 and CSI-1 (ipu_id=<0> and csi_id=<1>). But where as wandboard is using IPU-1 and CSI-0 (ipu_id=<0> and csi_id=<0>). How can i change this csi_id used by wandboard to 1 from 0, so that  ov5647 sensor will work.



If i change this in dts file will it be ok or i need to change in kernel source files. if i need to change in kernel souces files, which are those files????? kernel is 3.10.53