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Problem getting LS2085ardb to work with the CodeWarrior TAP

Question asked by yaniv weizman on Jan 10, 2016



We are trying to debug the reflector application over the AIOP in the LS2085aRDB (EAR5).

We followed the instructions in EAR5 documentation: "EAR5.0_AN5165_AIOP_Applications_Debug".

Code worrier TAP (cwtap) is used for debug,


Initially, when launching the debug session, we got an error: CCS last error: CC config string is invalid


Using the CCS application, we initiated the commands:

delete all

config cc cwtap

show cc


These seems to resolve the above error, however a new error related to JTAG conig_chain has been raised:

CCSProtocolPlugin : Failed to correctly configure the JTAG chain

[CCS last error: Connection refused ]


Trying to run the CCS commands did not solve the issue:

config_chain {ls2085a sap2}



CCS and JTAG debug info. within the attached file.


We are using CodeWarrior release 11.1.1 with its integrated packet processing CW_APP version 10.1.1

In addition, we are using the supplied PBL_0x2a_0x41_1333.bin PBL file from EAR5 in bank 4.


Your help is appreciated.



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