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MQX Kernel Data Windows Shows Floating Point IO as No

Question asked by Raj Batra on Jan 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2016 by Raj Batra

I've compiled MQX with floating point support (here's my userconfig.h):


#ifndef __user_config_h__

#define __user_config_h__

/* Define user specific modifications of default configuration*/

#define BSPCFG_HAS_SRAM_POOL                     1



/* include platform-specific configuration */

#include "mqx_cnfg.h"

#endif /* __user_config_h__ */


However, when I view the MQX Kernel Data screen, it states Floating Point IO as No.

I'm using KDS 3.0.x (haven't upgraded to 3.1 yet).


Question: Is the Kernel Data screen wrong, or did I compile it incorrectly?


Also, my CPU Type shows as Unknown (0x0000) - I'm on a K64.

Attached is a screen shot. Would be curious what others are seeing here when they've enabled floating point IO.