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LS2085ARDB board, GIT and SDK

Question asked by Vincenzo Do on Jan 8, 2016
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I just received my LS2085ARDB board and wanted to build my own kernel / rootfs using the SDK. Unfortunately, no SDK was delivered with the product so I searched for it on the Freescale website.


On the LS2085ARDB product page, under Software & Tools no SDK is advertised ( So I went back to the product page for the LS2080A where I found "Software Development Kit for LS2080A v1.0 (REV 1.0)", downloaded it and started building the yocto image. But once got to the QEMU 2.4.0 package advertised by the meta-fs-networking layer I got a fetch error for the following address: which doesn't seem to exist or it's not reachable from here.


My questions are:

1) I'm using the correct SDK? Because if I boot the board it tell's me that the current distribution installed on it comes from a Layerscape2-SDK+g9f41bb6 which I couldn't find anywhere.

2) How come I can't access the QEMU git repository ?



Thank you and best regards,


Vincenzo Do