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ld fails with a simple KSDK project

Question asked by jerome moliere on Jan 8, 2016

Hi all KSDK afficionados,

I am a newbie with embedded development & Freescale MCUs (now NXP).

I am using a FRDM KL46Z board with KSDK 1.3 on Linux (Debian unstable 64 bits) and a fresh Eclipse Mars IDE.

I used the tutorials found on & the article cited here : FRDM-K64F Hello World Demo Undefined Reference

I have the same strange error than Stephen Frears.

The linker is unable to find the libtemplatestatic library.

I can find references in the project settings to this library but Eclipsee warns that this library is not available.

My project was defined while referencing the KDS project containing the libksdk1.3. This project compiles fine and I have a libksdk.a about 1.3Mb ( is it correct?)

I started another project from scratch and the result is the same, I tried 2 buildchains (arm-non-eabi-gcc 4.9q3 coming with debian sid) and fetched the 4.8q4 on


I don't have any clues . So your help is important for me, I am strugggling for weeks with dummy projects and I am still unable to blink LEDs & test SPI & I2c communications required for my project.

All KDS projects run fine so no problem with KSDK samples .

I have got some remarks regarding the CMakeLists.txt in the projects but it's not important (but most of the common CMake anti patterns can be found in the samples) and does not have any consequences regarding my problems.


Thanks for your help

Kind regards



I attached my .cproject file

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