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iMX6 PCIe for a beginner...

Question asked by concerned12345 on Jan 7, 2016
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I need to learn PCIe for the iMX6Q to communicate with an FPGA, EIM is not an option here. I am looking for some help. I know that the Kernel needs to be configured and support needs to be added for the Freescale driver in the Kernel. Where I am having trouble is how do I interact with the Freescale driver; or do I need to write my own? When looking at the pcie-imx6.c file there seems to be a lot of chip specific information as well as the .compatible being setup for the device tree.

When reading articles on Linux PCIe driver development the way a driver a written is different from the pcie-imx6.c file. Is there a simple PCIe example for the iMX6 anywhere?


Again, any help is appreciated.