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Is Any BSP Besides Third Party's Supported By Freescale / NXP For MPC5748G?

Question asked by Bright Wang on Jan 8, 2016



Considering The Limitations Of I.MX 6 Quad Have No Standalone Hardware Accelerator To TCP/IP Packet Like QorIQ And I.MX 6 Solo X With No Video Decoder We're Planning To Use MPC5748G Alongside I.MX 6 Quad As An In-Vehicle Networking Gateway Hub Controller But There Are Some Problems With It. The Reasons We Use MPC5748G Are For:If We Have Large Scale Data Transmission Requirement Like Always-On Connection P2P Streaming Currently I.MX 6 Quad Seems To Have No Way To Reach Better Performance Due To


1. Clocking  Issues:

Not Only General Ethernet Physical Interface Of Atheros But For BroadR-Reach Transceiver For AVB. In The Case We Use BitTorrent Running On Android For Test. Every Time When Getting Packet From Physical Interface The Interrupt Will Drag Down The Working Clock Of Quad Cores. That Makes A Bed System Performance. So We Wish A Standalone Microcontroller MPC5748G For Interrupt Control Then Through DMA SPI Directly Put Data To The DDR By Main Processor I.MX 6 Quad ( Method From Application Note:AN4765 ). Unfortunately I.MX6's Smart DMA Seems Supporting 50MHz Only Which Means SPI As Data Path Cannot Reach It's Max. Physical Transmission Rate.  Is Any Else Approach Can Deal With Such A Problem?


2. Poor Tools Issue:

After A Survey Of MPC5748G PowerPC Architecture 32 Bits Microcontroller We Find It Only Have Third Party's BSPs ( EB / Vector / Green Hills ). It Means Developers Have No Choice But Pay For Expensive SDK / Toolchain. Don't Talk About Huge Royalty After Mass Production. So We Need To Know If  We Decide To Use MPC5748G Are All Required Drivers Of Peripheral Devices Of Evaluation Board Available For Another RTOS ( MQX / Segger emOS ) / NO-OS?