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K64F120M watchdog reset problem

Question asked by wulin weng on Jan 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2016 by Alice_Yang

Dear Support:
About the watchdog for the software in K64 MCU, and now we encountered a problem is that:
When we do the power on and power off test, sometime the software watchdog will reset the system.
the init of the watchdog time out time is 250ms, core is 120M, bus is 60M.
  WDOG_TOVALH = (uint16_t)0x4CU;     /* Setup time-out value register high */
  WDOG_TOVALL = (uint16_t)0x4B4BU;       /* Setup time-out value register low */ /*Time out counter = 5000011, 250ms*/
And I feed the dog in an ISR like below:
void WDOG_Feed()

And the ISR's priority is the highest of the system, the priority num is 2.
the question is I don't know how to feed the dog is the correct way, in the cycle time task like 20ms, or in the highest priority ISR task?