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How to write to eSDHC memory using Codewarrior 10.5 for PA Flash Programmer?

Question asked by Jonathan Holmes on Jan 7, 2016

I am trying to write to the eSDHC memory via a P2041 processor using the Flash Programmer I get an error message saying the command failed. I have added a device to the devices list setting the algorithm used to SDFlash.elf and the utility field to SDFlash_Utility.elf (both elf files are located in the Flash Programmer directory of Codewarrior). I may have an incorrect format for the device xml file as I can't find a device that is capable of eSDHC programming in the provided list to use as an example.


There doesn't seem to be a place to set the base address for the eSDHC registers and the memory is not mapped via a LAW.

How do I point the programmer or algorithm to the eSDHC base register?

Or am I suppose to map the memory using a LAW (which doesn't seem to be possible as there is not transaction target ID for the eSDHC)?


I've attached my device xml file.

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