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Build & Debug broken after Renaming a Project

Question asked by brianheisler on Jan 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by brianheisler


Kinetis Design Studio 3.1.0

Kinetis SDK 1.3.0




I have a demo project, "experiment", that builds with no errors or warnings. I can debug it successfully, set breakpoints, view variables, etc. This is great!


Then I rename the project to "helloworld" and from there forward the project goes to pieces.


Build works but it creates "experiment.elf" instead of "helloworld.elf". The IDE's debug feature won't launch "experiment.elf" so I fix the debug configuration to build "helloworld.elf" but it still creates "experiment.elf". (Yes, this is the only debug configuration.) From this point, there is little I haven't tried in terms of getting "helloworld.elf" to build, and I can force it to happen by manually editing the configuration file and doing clean builds (via the menu and by manually wiping out target files) but at no point do I seem to be headed in the right direction - the errors and bugs grow exponentially.


So... it's time to go back to the beginning.


How do I rename a project without breaking ANYTHING? (I say it this way because the solutions I've found on the web do not address this problem - the old naming persists and getting the debug to build and actually function properly as it did before just doesn't happen.)


Thanks for your help.