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How to increase DDR on B4860QDS to 6G?

Question asked by 璞 董 on Jan 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2016 by lunminliang

I found that there are two DDR3 controler in B4860QDS. Ten DDR parts on DDRC1 are arranged in two rank of 4GB with ECC. The second DDR controller DDRC2 has 2GB memory in five DDR3 parts including ECC. So there is 6GB DDR available in B4860QDS. Howerver, Only 4GB DDR used in SDK1.6, DDRC1 is used by DSP side and DDRC2 is used by PA side, but 2GB DDR is unmapped.

However, We have to distribute 256M HUGEPAGE memory for IPC and 256M for USDPAA DMA memory, and the ramdisk filesystem will aslo take almost 150M memory.

By accounting for these factors, we could only have 1.3G memory for our linux software.

How to increase the memory on PA side by using the unmapped DDR ?