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LPDDR2 and NAND boot for IMX6 Solo.

Question asked by Sanjay Shekar on Jan 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by igorpadykov

Hello NXP / Freescale,

             Happy New year and wishing you all the best for the combined venture.


For our new product we are using IMX6 Solo Processor and our hardware engineers have selected the following


RAM : LPDDR2 (MT42L256M32D2LG-18 WT) .


My Questions on this RAM Interface:


1. To Run android, LPDDR2 initialization code changes should be done in only U-Boot code ?? or any Linux code change is needed ??

2. Any Document or patch available for making these changes.




1. What is the minimum nand required to run Android latest version (4.4 or 5.0), I see for MMC it says 2GB.

2. How do we flash u-boot code to nand, I have seen people taking about kobs-ng and bootlets,  these tools can be used by running something (u-boot or linux) from SD card or how the NAND is detected as /dev/mtd0?? is it in host machine or on device ??


I know some questions are really basics, but it will be great full if answered..