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How to program the NOR flash of the LS2085 from U-Boot?

Question asked by Miroslav Kiradzhiyski on Jan 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2016 by Miroslav Kiradzhiyski

Hello everybody,


I am looking for a way to reprogram the NOR flash of the LS2085A-RDB from U-Boot. I'm particularly interested in updating the Management Complex firmware version from 7.0.3 to 8.0.2, because we are getting a version inconsistency error while booting the Linux kernel:


[0.280076] fsl_mc_bus 80c000000.fsl-mc: Freescale Management Complex Firmware version: 7.0.3
[0.280082] fsl_mc_bus 80c000000.fsl-mc: ERROR: MC firmware version not supported by driver (driver version: 8.0)


I'm assuming this causes the /dev/mc-restool device to not be created.


I found a suggestion for using CodeWarrior Flash Programmer to reprogram the NOR flash, but I'm wondering if this can be done from U-Boot.




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