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FRDM-K82F - boot loader available

Discussion created by Mark Butcher on Jan 6, 2016

Hi All


For users of the new FRDM-K82F board I would like to point out that serial loaders have been prepared which allow:

- USB compatible KBOOT

- KBOOT compatible UART

- UART developer's loader

- USB-MSD device


- USB-MSD-Host Memory Stick


Projects requiring one or more of these modes (also multiple at the same time if desired) thus can avoid porting efforts since they are ready for CW, KDS, IAR, Keil, Atollic, Green Hills, Crossworks or CooCox builds.


The most popular (USB-MSD and KBOOT composite) can be downloaded from the following link, and there is an interesting application that can be tried that allows the FRDM-K82F to act as a virtual network adapter (RNDIS) to the host so that it can run a web server, FTP server, Telnet etc. for the connected PC:







K80: /

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