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Unable to Set 9S08GW Pins With LCD to output only

Question asked by Designer11 on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2016 by vicentegomez

Hi All,


I'm having an issue trying to configure the pins PTD, and PTE to operate in output mode only. For a test, i tried to toggle PTD4 and PTD5 from low to high and vice versa. Below is a snippet of my code. I had VLL3 connected to VDD (3.3V), but no luck at all.


SOPT1 = 0b11011010;

//clock setting

ICSC1 = 0x06;

ICSC2 = 0x00;

ICSTRM = 0x8B;

ICSSC = 0x20;


    /** Enable clock to the LCD module */

    SCGC2_LCD = 1;

    /** Disable LCD module */

    LCDC0_LCDEN = 0;

    LCDC1_FCDEN = 1;


///Toggle pins direction

    PTDDD_PTDDD4    = 0x01;

    PTDDD_PTDDD5  = 0x01;

    //Switches input controls

    PTDD_PTDD4 = 0x01;

    PTDD_PTDD5 = 0x00;


I've looked at the below post, but it doesn't help much.

Re: Ports PTB3, PTB4 and PTB5 on MC9S08GW, Open drain function only?



Thank you in advance for any help that can be provided!