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Endpoint  bulk  in jb 16.

Discussion created by Fredy Pachon on Feb 11, 2008
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I have used testhid in jb16 to sending any data through  usb interface.
I only put  dato=PTA, and then I put it on   KbBuffer[0]=dato. The problem is that the data mean rate is to slow (2Kbytes/s) and  I need to increment data rate.

Now I burn TBDML_JB16 and windows recognize like "USB DEVICE" , I have used usbio driver and this identify endpoint like bulk.   I want to send it data through  usb without use bdm in this firmware, but I don't know where I can put "dato" or how to do the same as in  testhid  to send any data through usb.

I attach firmwares and  images about my problem.  I appreciate your help.

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