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Android extended codecs and Wifi Display Sink

Question asked by Andy Ho on Jan 6, 2016
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We have a project using imx6q and android, we found some media files can't play, so need to know how to make those work.


1. audio : mp3 is fail to play using android 4.4.3 bsp but ok in android 5.x bsp on Sabre SDP

2. video: AVI and some format can't play in both android 443 and 5.x

3. Based on android docs ( android Extended Codec Release Note ), it seems we need OMXplayer Package and fsl_xxx_dec.tar.gz. Although our local FAE has been requested those for us 6 months ago, but no progress until now, are there another ways to get those files for android L443/L500/L511 bsp ( including WiFi display sink package)?


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