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BSP clock configuration

Question asked by David Sherman on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2016 by David Sherman

I have made a new BSP for the K10DN512VLL10 on a custom board.  Although there is an 16 MHz crystal on board, we are only using it for the CAN timing and just want to use the FEI mode at 96 MHz on the clock generator.  I've configured the MCG as such in _bsp_intialize_hardware in bsp_cm.c, however, things go wrong later in _bsp_pre_init().  It seems it's trying to use _bsp_osc_autotrim, which grossly throws off the slow internal clock (about 24kHz instead of 32.768).  So, what is the preferred way of specifying that I want clock configuration 0 to be FEI instead of PEE?  I don't wish to use PEE, since it can only get to 80MHz using the 16MHz crystal.  I could just disable the code, I'm just trying to understand how MQX intended to configure the clock.