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i. MX6 Quad and i. MX6 Dual-Lite/USB eye pattern Configuration

Question asked by Soichi Yamamoto on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2016 by Yuri Muhin



I develop a trial manufacture board of i. MX6 Quad and i. MX6 Dual-Lite.


I let you output a signal from the following pin and want to observe eye pattern to evaluate the signal quality on the board of USB I/F.


 ・i.MX6 Quad USB_OTG_DN(B6)

 ・i.MX6 Quad USB_OTG_DP(A6)

 ・i.MX6 Dual-Lite USB_OTG_DN(B6)

 ・i.MX6 Dual-Lite USB_OTG_DP(A6)

 ・i.MX6 Dual-Lite USB_H1_DP(E10)

 ・i.MX6 Dual-Lite USB_H1_DN(F10)


Please tell me the register setting to operate the test pattern output by such a use.

Or, please provide it if there is a sample program.


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